Learn the key to keeping your accounts safe

Know what you look for before clicking 'add to cart'

Tips and tricks on how to stay safe online

Become a pro at protecting your Visa Debit card

Internet Banking Security

Create a strong Internet Banking password by including a combination of at least 8 characters including numbers and symbols.

Make sure that you keep this passwords and secret and don't let anyone else log in for you. When logging into your internet banking, only do so directly through the website or app. Never login via a link on another website, email or SMS.

 Shopping Online

When shopping online, buy from stores that offer secure transactions. An 's' in the URL (https://www) and a closed padlock icon in the URL bar is often a sign that an online store is secure.

Bargains which look too good to be true often are! Beware of free trials and subscriptions, if you see an offer for a free trial of a product, you'll often end up being charged a subscription fee. Make sure you read the fine print so you know what you're signing up for.


Helpful Tip

The URL will help you identify what country you're buying from, for example: .com - United States of America, .uk - United Kingdom, .cn - China, .com.au - Australia.

Staying Safe Online

Stay alert for any scam emails which attempt to steal your passwords, bank details or identity. Generally, these emails will try to scare you into clicking a link by saying things like "Your Internet Banking details need updating, click here to log in." 

Remember, we would never ask for your password or Visa Debit card details, so if you receive an email like this, make sure you delete it.

 Protecting your Visa Debit card

Our top tip is to make sure you don't write down your PIN or share your Visa Debit card details with anyone (including friends!). If you think you've lost your card, make sure you lock it in the MOVE Bank app or give us a call. 

If you've lost your card and eventually find it, it's generally a good idea to order a new card. This is because your card details may have been recorded while it was lost, and you don't want any fraudsters using your card without your permission!


Helpful Tip

Use the MOVE Bank app to lock your Visa Debit card if it gets lost or stolen.

Travelling Overseas

It;s always a good idea to take more than one form of travel money when heading overseas (such as cash or travel cards). That way, if your card gets lost or is stolen, you'll still be able to access money.

Keep your Visa Debit card in sight at all times and make sure you don't hand it to someone over the counter or leave it in your hotel room. If your card gets lost or stolen while overseas, make sure to lock your card using the MOVE Bank app and give us a call on our international number +61 7 3221 2216.

Make sure you give us a call before heading overseas so that we can make note of your travel dates!