One Time Passwords

One Time Passwords add an extra level of security to online banking by using a two-step verification process. 

This means once you’ve successfully logged into your account using your internet banking password (or PIN/pattern/fingerprint if you are using the app), you’ll also be asked to enter a unique code when you perform certain actions. 

This second verification provides an additional layer of security that reduces the risk of fraudsters being able to access or transfer funds out of your account.  

Common questions asked about One Time Passwords

One Time Password are required to complete the following actions:

  • Adding a new payee or updating an existing one
  • Making payments to non-saved payees
  • Term deposit maintenance
  • Changing your password
  • Updating your address or contact details
  • activating your card
  • changing your card pin

When you go to complete any of these actions you will need to click the "Get SMS" button to generate your One Time Password.

An SMS with the unique code is then automatically sent to your nominated mobile.

Simply enter the code in the space provided and click the “OK” button to proceed.

You should never give your OTP to someone else.

Currently, when you login to Internet Banking you use your member number and a password. If someone managed to access this information (if you’d written these details down or stored them in your phone for example) they may be able to transfer funds out of your accounts. By adding an extra step to the authentication process, we significantly reduce the risk of this happening, and if someone does gain access to your log in details, they won’t be able to access your accounts without also having access to your mobile.

If we have your current mobile number, then you can simply log in to Internet Banking on a desktop and click on the One Time Passwords option within the “Services” menu. Remember, you must have access to the nominated mobile phone number to ensure you receive your SMS code.

If we do not have your current mobile phone number, you can update it in Internet Banking or contact us on 1300 362 216.

Yes, both account holders will need to be signed up for One-Time Passwords for the joint account. This will increase both your daily external limits to $5,000 and your BPay limits will increase to $10,000 once your registration has been processed (usually by the next business day).

Yes, for security reasons from 1 April 2019 increased daily limits will no longer be available to members who have not registered for One Time Passwords.


A requested SMS authorisation code is only valid for your current log-in and must be entered within four (4) minutes of being received.

MOVE Bank will not charge you to receive a One-Time Password message.

Yes, as long as your handset and SIM card allow global roaming and the country you are in operates via a compatible network. If you are travelling to a country that does not have international roaming, then the limit can be temporarily suspended by contacting MOVE Bank. You can also have the limit temporarily increased to pay bills by calling us.