Our Approach

MOVE Bank is committed to providing you with everyday banking that is fast, easy and fair. Our fee structure is designed to benefit all members by:

  • Helping you avoid fees wherever possible

  • Rewarding members who support MOVE Bank by investing, borrowing, saving or transacting with us.

We offer several account options which allow you to take advantage of transaction fee-free banking, including:


Transaction fee-free banking is available to members who meet certain conditions
Everyday Transaction Account

The monthly fee will be waived if you:

  • Deposit a salary credit of $1500 a month into the account.

The monthly fee will not be charged in the month you open this account. 

Everyday Saver Account

the monthly fee will be waived if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • Transaction account(s) with combined balances over $2,000^

  • Online savings account(s) with combined balances over $25,000^

  • Have a Loan with MOVE Bank

  • Have a Flexi Home Credit or Flexi Investment credit facility with MOVE Bank

  • Have a Term deposit with MOVE Bank

  • Transaction fee-free banking is offered to members under 30 years of age.

  • new members for the first three months after joining.


Online Savings Accounts

With MOVE Bank's Bonus Saver, Growth Saver and Online Saver accounts you'll have access to fee-free banking online, 24/7.


Members who hold a transaction account and do not meet the criteria will be charged a flat $5 fee per month.
This means you always know how much you’ll be charged and gives you the freedom to do your everyday banking without needing to worry about extra fees.

The following transactions are provided free under our fee structure:

ATM withdrawal / balance enquiry* Free
Bank @ Post withdrawal Free
BPAY® transactions Free
Direct debit Free
Direct credit Free
Internet banking transfers including Osko Free
Member cheque withdrawal Free
Periodical payments Free
Phone banking transfers Free
Transfers between accounts Free
Visa Debit purchases Free

*Applies to ATM withdrawals within Australia. See Special Services Fees for overseas ATM withdrawal fee. MOVE Bank does not charge eligible members for ATM transactions, however, individual ATM providers may charge fees for using their service.® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Special Transaction Fees  
Electronic transfer - urgent $25
Express money order (Australia Post) $25
Overseas ATM withdrawal $5
Staff assisted transaction $5
Overseas cash advance $5
SWIFT processing fee $5


Visa Card Fees   
Overseas currency fee** 2% of transaction value
Replacement cards - Domestic (1st replacement is free) $15
Replacement cards - Domestic urgent $25
Replacement cards - Overseas (payable to Visa) US $200
Visa charge-back - First transaction $25
Visa charge-back - Subsequent transactions $10

**All transactions made overseas on the VISA card are subject to a currency conversion fee. The amount of this currency conversion fee is subject to change from time to time and we will advise you in advance of any such change.

Cheque Fees   
Bank cheque $25
Counter cheque withdrawal $5
Member cheque book 25 leaf $10
Stop Payment Fee - Cheque presented $15
Stop Payment Fee - Cheque not presented $5
Trace Fee - Credit Union Counter Cheque Cost + $5
Trace Fee - Member Cheque Cost + $5
Special Clearance Fee $15


Document Fees   
Copy Fee - Credit Union Counter Cheque At Cost
Copy Fee - Member Cheque $55
Copy Fee - Statement Request (per statement) $5
Copy Fee - Other Documents (per document) $5
Privacy Access to File - Supervision Fee (per hour) $50
Record Search - In House (per hour) $50
Record Search Off Site (per hour) Cost + $5


Other Fees  
Audit Confirmation Fee $50
Electronic trace Fee $25
Fixed Term Deposit - early redemption interest deduction Refer to Conditions of Use for interest deduction calculation
Dishonour - Direct Debit $15
Dishonour - Member Cheques $15
Dishonour - Quick Debit $15
Honour Fee $10
Late Payment Fee $15
Overdrawn / Over Limit Fee $10
Dormant Account Fee* (per month) $5
Dormant Administration Fee** $15

*Charged after the account has been classified as dormant
**Charged when the account is classified as a dormant account. This occurs when a member has not generated any activity on an account for more than 12 months. MOVE Bank advises the member prior to the account being classified as dormant.


Bridging Fee $300
Consent Fee $200
Construction Progress Draws (per draw down) $50
Document Registration Fees (Government charge)  At cost
Economy Home Loan - Monthly Account Keeping Fee $5
Establishment Fee - Standard mortgage purchase or refinance (includes one free valuation up to $205) $600
Establishment Fee - Extra property (combined purchase/refinance) $150
Establishment Fee - Other securities $150
Establishment Fee - Home/investment loan- mortgage already held $150
Fixed Rate Break Fee*  Estimate of our loss if repaid early
Fixed Rate Lock Fee** $375
Flexi Credit Service Fee (per month) $10 per month
Lenders Mortgage Insurance – paid to Mortgage Insurer At cost
Loan Redraw - Online Free
Loan Redraw - Staff Assisted Free
Loan Switch Fee $150
Mortgage Discharge – Administration $350
Mortgage Discharge – Department of Natural Resources At cost
Mortgage Discharge – Solicitors fees At cost
Complete Package Fee (per year) $395
Subdivision Request Fee $500
Title Search At cost
Valuation Fees (paid to Valuer) At cost
Everyday & Offset Home Loan Split Fee~ $50
Substitute Security Fee $300
Paper statement fee (per month) $3

*Interest adjustment in accordance with the contract
**The rate lock fee secures a rate for a period of up to 45 calendar days from an agreed date, or upon final approval of your fixed rate mortgage loan, whichever is the sooner. This rate will remain secured regardless of whether there is a change in the secured fixed rate before your fixed rate mortgage loan is approved.
~The split fee is charged for each split on the application.

Car Loan Rate Lock Fee* $149
Establishment Fee – Secured Personal Loan $195
Establishment Fee – Unsecured Personal Loan $150
Establishment Fee –  Overdraft $150
Flexi Personal Credit Service Fee (per month) $5
Loan Redraw - Online Free
Loan Redraw - Staff Assisted (per redraw) $25
Substitute Security Fee $100
Paper statement fee (per month) $3

*The fixed rate lock fee secures a rate for a period of up to 90 calendar days from the day the fee has been received by MOVE Bank. This rate will remain secured regardless of whether there is a change in the secured fixed rate before your fixed rate loan is funded.

Annual Card Fee $59
Late Payment Fee ** $15
Overlimit Fee $10
Paper Statement Fee (per month) $3
Visa Cash Advance Fee $5

** Late payment fee payable when we have not received the Minimum Repayment by the due date

Please also refer to the Visa Card Fees under the Special Services Fees.

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Important Information:

^Balance requirements for online savings accounts and transaction accounts (including Flexi Personal Credit accounts) are calculated using the minimum monthly balance of each account.