Estimated property value

An indication of how much the property is worth, based on factors including recent sale prices for comparable properties in the area.

Sales history

See the history of a property and how it's value has changed over time. 

Properties sold in the area

You will be able to see details of recently-sold properties in the area including the date they were sold, land size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and garage size.

Market comparison

Detailed information about nearby properties currently listed for sale or recently sold, including their first and last advertised price and days on the market.

Median sale prices in the area

The median sale price for homes in the area and how it has changed each month in recent years.

Suburb insight

Information about the suburb's demographics, such as household occupancy, household income and household structure.

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Property Reports are prepared by RP Data Pty Ltd ABN 67087 759 171 trading as CoreLogic Asia Pacific (‘CoreLogic‘) and Railways Credit Union Limited trading as MOVE Bank | ABN 91 087 651 090 | AFSL/Australian credit licence 234 536, using information compiled by CoreLogic. CoreLogic is not related to MOVE Bank. The report provides general information in a format that summarises selective information only and may not be appropriate for all purposes. Consider your own circumstances when reading the reports.