You'll be glad to know that we have security systems and transaction monitoring tools in place to protect you against card fraud.

When there are transactions on your card that differ considerably to your usual shopping habits, we’ll contact you to check that it’s really you doing the transaction and may sometimes place a hold on your card until we have made contact with you. Even so, we still recommend that you are always vigilant when using your Visa Debit card by following these safety tips:

When shopping online

  • Maintain up to date anti-virus and firewall software on your computer
  • Only provide card details to secure websites that contain a locked padlock in the browser
  • Be very suspicious about emails from people you don’t know – we will never ask for your personal details via email
  • Use strong passwords – at least 8 characters with a combination of letters and numbers
  • Never give your Internet Banking password to anyone – we will never ask you for your password

When shopping in a store

  • For added security use the “CR” button
  • Insist on handling the card yourself
  • Never let your card out of your sight
  • Always check the amount being charged before you complete the transaction
  • Always cover the key pad when entering your PIN

When using an ATM

  • If you believe an ATM has been tampered with, do not use it
  • Be aware of anyone acting suspiciously near the ATM
  • Be alert for anyone trying to observe you entering your PIN
  • Ensure that the ATM transaction has been completed before walking away

Don’t forget to

  • Sign your new card immediately
  • Cut up your old card
  • Never carry your card and PIN together
  • Check your accounts regularly for any unusual or suspicious transactions
  • If you are going overseas, advise us before you travel so that we can monitor any overseas transactions
  • Temporarily lock your card using the App or Internet Banking if you can’t locate your card or feel it may have been compromised
  • Report your lost or stolen card immediately to us on 1300 362 216 or the Visa card hotline on 1800 621 199 outside business hours

Be careful!

Australians lost over $107 million dollars to scams and fraud in 2018.

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