Protecting the security of your accounts and information is our highest priority, and we are constantly working with our technology partners to ensure our online systems are maintained to the highest security standards.

However, some of the most effective security measures are simple things you can do yourself.

Here are our top tips to help you stay ahead of online scammers:

Complicated passwords
Use long passwords that incorporate letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols.

Unique passwords
Use unique passwords for each site and service. This means that if one of your online accounts is compromised, you can be confident that your other accounts are still secure.

Memorise, don’t write
Commit your passwords to memory or use a secure password-storage service. Don’t keep copies in your wallet, phone or computer.

Keep your details personal

Don’t give away your personal information lightly. Unless you’re establishing a new membership or account with us, remember that we’ll never ask
you to provide:
• Your internet banking login details
• Your date of birth
• Your marital status or family details
• Your address

Stay suspicious
Online scammers can replicate websites, emails and other online content. Always look for a familiar URL or email address before clicking links or submitting forms.

Keep documents safe
A lot of identity fraud still starts with the theft of documents, from the mailbox or bin. Limit the amount of mail you receive that contains sensitive information (such as bills and statements), and dispose of these documents carefully. Swap to online MOVE Bank statements at any time by selecting ‘Online Statements’ from the ‘Accounts’ menu in your Internet Banking!

Register for One Time Passwords
One Time Passwords is a two-step authentication process which adds an extra level of security to your Internet Banking. This means that in addition to using your Internet Banking password to login, you’ll also enter a unique code which is sent by SMS to your mobile.

For security reasons, increased daily transfer limits are only available to members who have registered for One Time Passwords.

Registration for One Time Passwords is easy:
›› Login to Internet Banking and have your mobile handy
›› Go to the ‘Services’ menu and select ‘Manage One Time Passwords’
›› Select ‘Request’
›› Follow the prompts to finalise

Need help registering for One Time Passwords? Call us on 1300 362 216